Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to eliminate and manage the pain of arthritis, sciatica, migraine, carpal tunnel, sports injuries, and other muscle and tendon problems.  Our energy, or QI , can be disrupted or blocked by physical, chemical or emotional trauma and stress, causing pain and many other physical disorders.  The needles unblock and re-balance the flow of Qi and Blood, releasing tension and encouraging true healing.  I often use a low level cold laser to compliment my acupuncture treatments for pain.  Acupuncture can also treat digestive ailments, asthma, allergies, urinary discomforts, constipation and diarrhea, skin problems, womens issues, and many more internal problems. 



Acupuncture is an excellent addition to an athlete's training program, strengthening the body and connective tissues, and increasing stamina and lung performance.  By strengthening the body and the immune system, there are less injuries and recovery from injury that does occur is greatly reduced.  When there is injury, I often use a low level laser. With or without acupuncture, the laser decreases inflammation and edema, and re-aligns the ions in your cells that are disrupted by physical trauma.  This encourages a more rapid recovery and greater success in your chosen field.



Chinese medicine has a long history of offering women drug free relief from the problems of menstruation, menopause, and pregnancy.  Acupuncture balances a woman's delicate hormonal system and treats menstrual pain, irregular or discontinued periods, and the pain of endometriosis and fibroids.   Fertility treatments balance the cycles, and make the body a friendly, nourishing place for your baby to grow and thrive.  Pre-birth acupuncture helps women prepare themselves for the most efficient labor possible, often reducing the time spent in labor,  and both baby and mother benefit from the optimum health generated from regular treatments.  Acupuncture treatment after childbirth strengthens the body, builds blood and milk and speeds you towards a rapid recovery. 



Acupuncture points have a spirit and emotional level as well as a physical level. Because of this, regular acupuncture can calm the spirit, release tension, increase energy, and help one become more grounded.  It is excellent for those undergoing lifestyle changes such as divorce, moving to a new location, empty nest syndrome, the death of a loved one, or other deep emotional trauma.  The lives we live today often leave us overworked, overstressed, and overwhelmed.  Acupuncture can help you meet life's challenges with greater resolve and clarity.



Island Acupuncture also offers the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System.  This system is a facial acupuncture procedure that can improve the muscle tone of the face and neck.  As it brings blood and Qi to the area, the skin and tissues are and nourished and rejuvenated.  Gail will also use body points to address any underlying imbalances that may have contributed to the aging process.  Mei Zen treatments  give your face a more youthful, glowing appearance without the invasion of surgery.  You may expect to see a reduction in fine lines in the face with softer, more luminous skin and facial tone, fading of age spots, and, less tension in the face,